© Copyright 2007-2019 Alpoint Technologies. All Rights Reserved. Challenging Conventions™ Thermoelectric Assemblies - TEA Outdoor Battery Enclosure Cooling meeting the telecom requirements of Telcordia GR-487- CORE and UL50E. o Our expertise in this area goes back further than most can claim, probably further than any competitor truly can claim. We mean the real expertise that we have inside of the company, and not some legacy built upon staff that no longer exists, we mean the real deal - true expertise. o Our engineers were pioneering the design and development of the first large scale commercial success of outdoor battery enclosures utilizing thermoelectric cooling. We continue to build upon this know-how that we acquired ever since the inception of this application area. o In 2011 Alpoint Technologies launches the newest generation of thermoelectric assemblies advancing the technology far beyond any competitor's capability. With a mix of tools such as lab testing and Computer Fluid Dynamic, CFD, analysis our designs can deliver more than 20% more cooling capacity, everything else being equal, than the nearest competitor. Everything else being equal? Well perhaps not, we have also made a leap forward in terms of noise level reduction, increased reliability, easier on-site maintenance, and much more. Cooling for food carts, kiosks, LED displays, and other electronic cabinets. o Our range of telecom style TEA’s can of course successfully be used in these applications as well, however in many instances the harsh requirements of telecom does not exist to the full extent and a somewhat more cost effectivedesign can be made for these applications without sacrificing cooling capacity or long-term reliability. Cooling for medical and analytical devices, laser applications, wine industry, beverage, and point of sale, etc. o These applications typically require smaller units than the above and are mostly used in indoor applications. Our range of smaller thermoelectric assemblies suits these applications well as the performance and reliability requirements are high. Many of these applications need the lowest possible noise level and thanks to our market leading performance we can translate that into a lower noise level while still matching our competitors cooling capacity, everything else being equal. Custom designed thermoelectric assemblies. o We acknowledge that even the best designed standard units in the world may not always meet your specific needs and that is why we make custom designs that benefit from the incorporation of many years of know-how, best in class engineering, and overseas manufacturing. Low cost DC power supplies o Every Thermoelectric Assembly needs DC power to run. We can also provide our TEA customers with a low cost DC power solution for our TEA's. A power solution that has stood its test of time when powering TEA's. Actually, TEA's put some unique requirements on the DC power unit that may not always be what the DC power unit was designed for. Services for our buying customers Compilation and realization of technical specifications Custom design  Thermal analysis Cost savings analysis Engineering support of enclosure design Low cost country outsourcing of: o Wire harnesses o Sheet metal parts